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Haiku · Battle

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Dead community.
I shall give the spark of life!
Insert haiku here.
* * *
braindead in my head
Thesis is done cannot think
Just stare into space.
* * *
What to do now man
All by myself at home
Its my own damn fault
* * *
Talked about in class.
Teacher said haiku is hard.
I don't think so, sir.
* * *
i am quite surprised
this group still goes on and on
like gay male porn star

wasabi peas sting
like tiny knives in my face
do not snort the dust

ex boyfriend still sucks
what a lazy, selfish, fuck
wish we could be friends

he has a new girl
but i think i have one, too
like reel big fish song

my angst is too large
syllabic control is weak
i fail at haiku

* * *
* * *
Delivery boy
hasn't pizza, but sausage,
which has extra sauce.

Hot fellatio,
and he returns the favor.
Scream, you French whore, scream!

"I think you can guess
where everything goes from here."
"He fixes her cable?"

* * *
she can write a news
story on it for now i
just have to get some

about myself in
a glass tumbler with a sharp
shell is not the way

and got some cute bras
and panties at maidenform just
in case you cared

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content content
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Gold Lion-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
* * *
Dead community.
I want to see a haiku!
Crazy delicious?
* * *
are you back with her?
shes really bitchy, you know.
i give it a month.

im glad its not weird
and that we can still hang out--
but im still waiting.

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pretty ok
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* * *
you're a spoiled brat.
PLEASE stop fucking complaining
and yes, YOU ARE RICH.

dont wash my dishes
dont say you have no money
we all know the truth

perhaps, help us clean
and maybe take out the trash
once in a while

i'm not asking much
just do your goddamned part, please
but i'll bust a cap.

Current Music:
Song: Not With You || On: This Business of Art || By: Tegan and Sara
* * *
* * *